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Video: Save on your energy bills

How the E3 Program can help you save money on your energy bills.

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The Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Program helps improve the energy efficiency of a range of appliances and equipment.

By buying more efficient models, households and businesses can consume less energy, save money on their energy bills, and help to reduce emissions.

Explore the tools and resources on this page to understand how the E3 Program helps energy consumers like you.

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A two and a half star Energy Rating Label displaying circle around the 456 kilowatts energy consumption figure

The Energy Rating Label

Use the Energy Rating Label to compare the energy efficiency and running costs of appliances before you buy.

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Energy Rating Calculator

Compare the energy efficiency of fridges, televisions and computer monitors, clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers, and air conditioners.

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Download the Calculator app

Use the Energy Rating Calculator app to compare the energy efficiency and running costs of similar products.


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Light Bulb Saver app

Learn how choosing more efficient light bulbs can save you money – download the free Light Bulb Saver app now on the iTunes App Store or Google Play.


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Search the Registration database

Use the registration database to view and compare all products registered under the GEMS Act.

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Products we focus on

We focus on a range of products to increase their energy efficiency, helping you save money on your bills and reduce emissions.

Some products have energy rating labels, others have Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS), while others have both. 

We don't cover all appliances - just the ones that use the most energy.  These have the greatest potential for saving you money, if you choose an energy efficient model.

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Tips to save money on energy bills...

  • Use the energy rating label to choose a more efficient appliance. You will spend less on running costs over the life of the purchase.
  • Always choose the right size model for your needs - bigger is not always better!
  • When buying a television, each additional star is 20% more energy efficient than the previous star.

More energy saving tips

Image of the first page of the Energy Rating Label guide

Factsheet: The Energy Rating Label

Download the simple, easy-to-read guide explaining how to read the Energy Rating Label, and how purchasing a more efficient appliance can save you money.

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Buying a new appliance?

Girl smiling sitting on a stepHere’s some questions to ask your retailer, to make sure you get the model that best suits your needs AND saves you money.

  • How energy efficient is this model compared to my other options?
  • How much will it cost me to run this model for a year, on average?
  • Over ten years, would I be better off spending more now to buy a more energy efficient model that costs less to run?

Size matters: Air conditioning

Girl, man and woman at dinner tableWhen considering purchasing a new air conditioner, the most important initial step is to ensure you select a suitably sized unit.

Unlike other products such as televisions, where the size of the product is obvious, air conditioners typically look similar despite having wide ranges of heating and/or cooling capacities.

Learn more about air conditioning and how to choose a model that will save energy and money.

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Is your lighting costing you more than it should?

Lighting is responsible for around 10 per cent of the average household electricity bill.

You could save hundreds of dollars each year simply by installing more efficient light bulbs. Read our consumer guide to buying quality LEDs and our Light Bulb Buying Guide for more information.

You can also download the free app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

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